Store Location:

We are located on SR 79 South about five minutes from I-70. We have an excellent retail location.

Store Decor & Atmosphere:

Our shopping atmosphere is unlike any place in Central Ohio. It is a “Village” within a store. Complete with theme houses, store fronts, barns, back porches and many other unique designs. In addition, we employ a decorator to insure eye-catching appealing displays.

Because we jury all products, we have high quality merchandise with minimal duplication.

Our Customers tell us that we have a very beautiful and unique store.

Vendor Sales:

We provide a year round market place for your products.

We reach consumers through extensive advertising which includes newspaper, radio, billboards, flyers and direct mail. Our advertising dollar is spent to attract customers – NOT Crafters!

Our sales exceed one million dollars annually.

We provide efficient and accurate customer check out. We accept all major credit cards. We collect and pay all sales tax. No bad visa charges are passed on to vendors.

We pay vendors once per month on the first day of the month. We retain a 12% commission on all sales.

The commission is automatically deducted from sales. Monthly space rental can also be deducted from sales.

Space Rental:

Space sizes vary. Theme houses range from 8 ft. by 10 ft. to 12 ft. by 14 ft. Booth sizes range from a minimum of 3 ft. wide up to 12 ft. wide and are 2 ½ ft. to 6 ft. deep and 5 ½ ft. to 8 ft. high. Pod or free standing space also available.

Minimum booth prices begin at $55.00 per month (3ft by 2 ½ ft. by 5 ½ ft.). Pricing varies with size so you will need to contact a store representative with pricing for your specific needs.

We offer six-month and one year contracts.

First and last month’s rent are required upon lease signing.


We have an extensive customer base. The average customer spends over 2 hours in our store. The reason: Finders Keepers Village is approximately 20,000 sq. ft. in size with over 200 vendors who offer a variety of minimal non-duplicating products at reasonable prices. It is an ever-changing, pleasant and fun shopping experience for our customers.

We have been told by our customers and vendors alike that our sales staff surpasses all other stores in providing top-notch customer service, friendliness and assistance.

Our store is neat, clean and carpeted throughout.

We have a state of the art security system, computerized sales and inventory system.

We offer to our customers a Layaway and Special Order Program, and we offer Gift Certificates.

Finders Keepers Village offers two major sales promotions per year.

We have vendors who tell us that they are in craft malls through out Ohio and surrounding states. We decorate, stock and re-stock at no additional cost.

Finders Keepers Village is a unique concept. Come join us.

Take in the laid-back atmosphere, enjoy the delicate scents, peaceful music and pleasing sights. All of this combined with intense advertising and tried and true business procedures provide you with a successful and pleasurable experience.


That’s why our customers say,

“WOW! This place is incredible!”